Your Swimming Pool Layout

Getting your swimming pool layout on the ground sets you up to begin your pool construction process.  If you’re like most owner builders you will have spent the last few days or weeks perfecting your pool design, following up with your subcontractor bids and you’re just waiting for the city to approve your pool permit. Catch the video at the end…

The pool layout takes your pool design from paper to paint and puts it on the ground where you get a chance to see how your pool will fit your planned space.  It’s now time to figure out if you or your pool designer measured and scaled the pool plan correctly.  There’s a few thing you’ll need to verify at the time of layout.

The first is your water to property line setbacks.  Make sure that the pool layout finishes outside the required property line setback guidelines for your city or county.  Also, verify that the pool maintains the required distance away from windows and electrical sources.  Some cities even require a minimum setback from property walls to raised decks, planters or waterfalls to prevent a climb over hazard.  Check with your city permit guidelines to see if this is applicable to your situation.

The next item you should review is the overall fit of the pool and the decking. Once the paint is on the ground you can verify the distance to the house and the areas you set aside for decking and other entertaining areas.

Finally, once the layout is complete it’s a good time to review and set the bond beam of the pool.  Remember the bond beam establishes your pool height in the yard.  Set it too low and your pool will end up with all the rain water from our Arizona storms, too high and you could end up with a toe kick at the edge of the patio.

Review layout and bond beam elevation with your layout professional.  Most layout specialists have drawn thousands of pools and most can provide you with some helpful insights that can save you money and frustration during your pool construction process.  Remember to record the elevation in your Pool Construction Checklist guide.  You can download your guide here – Build Your Own Pool Guide.

You’ll need it again soon because once you’re done with the layout and you have your permit in hand you’re ready for the first stage of pool construction – your pool excavation.

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