Swimming Pool Permits in Phoenix

If you’re trying to permit a pool in Phoenix you may want to get a survey completed first. Recently one of our owner builders completed all the necessary paperwork for his swimming pool permit in the City of Phoenix and was stopped short of issuance because he lacked a property survey report.

in his case the pool he wanted to build was inside the 5′ property setback requirement.  Even though the pool was outside the required water to property setback of 3′ it was still inside the property setback.  The City of Phoenix requested one of two options in this case.

The first, have an Arizona registered land surveyor verify all property corners (existing pins) or set the corners prior to obtaining the pool permit.  The form specifies a footing, typically for masonry or building foundation, and not a pool application.  But, in this case the City asked for the survey as a prerequisit prior to a swimming pool permit issuance.

The second option is to have sign and have notarized a pool to property line waiver form.  This form releases the City of Phoenix and it’s employees from any litigation that may arise in the future if a pool is built outside the property line or required setbacks.

If you’re trying to maximize your backyard space and you’ve pushed your pool design to the very edge or even into a required setback, you may be asked to complete one of the two options above.  You can download both swimming pool survey forms from our pool permit Phoenix link.

When your ready to build your own pool in Phoenix, Scottsdale, within Maricopa County or other cities here in Arizona make sure to verify the pool and property setback during the design and layout phase of your project.  This will save you the agony of moving the pool or receiving a stop work order from the city or county inspector during your pool construction. If you need more help, check out the pool planning guide or contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a local swimming pool designer.

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