Swimming Pool Permits – What You Need to Know

Building a swimming pool can’t start until you have that dreaded pool permit.  Back in 2004 – 2005 pool season the cities were so bogged down that one municipality was nearly three months behind in issuing homeowners new permits.  Don’t even ask what became of those permits that were rejected for some reason.

Getting the pool permit always feels like major victory.  It’s the first hurdle that you must jump in order to get started building your own pool.  Knowing where to start and what to include on your permit is part of the mystery.  Luckily, the cities have put all that knowledge and know how into documents that you can download from their website(s).   You can find links to these swimming pool permit applications and regulations documents here, on the main page.

But what if you don’t have the basics of your home’s property information.  Things like your home’s assessor’s parcel number (APN) or the property dimensions or even if your parcel has a public utility easement (PUE).  The answers to those questions resides with your county assessor’s office.

Here’s a couple of links to the local county assessors in and around the Phoenix metro area (click the links)

Maricopa County Assessor

Pinal County Assessor

Once you’re at the site just fill in the information regarding your property address, sub-division or you can even search by your name.  Occasionally, the search feature on these sites comes back with the, “no record meets that description.” Or some other crazy message.  I know someone lives there; I was just at their house.  Don’t give up.  Sometimes it just takes a little creative searching or backing into the query.

I put together a quick little video that should help.

If you follow through on this and ensure you’ve crossed all the “Ts” and dotted all the “Is” you should get your permit within one to two weeks.  Some cities will even issue you a permit right over the counter, the same day.  You gotta love it.

So stick with it – before you know it – you’ll be scheduling your first phase of pool construction –  excavation.

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