Pool Permits

Once you have your swimming pool plan completed, your next step is to summit your pool plan to your city or county for review and approval.

Below you’ll find a listing of links to local cities and county websites in and around the Phoenix metro area.  These links will allow you to download Swimming Pool Permit Applications and Regulation documents (when available) to help you get started with the permitting phase of your pool construction process. These Applications and guide lines will help you prepare your pool for submission to the city or county for review.

Some additional requirements you’ll need before you can submit for your pool permit :

1. Structural Engineering Plans

These plans tell the city what standard plan to use when building your pool or in some cases, a site specific or pool specific engineering will be required.

Examples: Negative edge pool feature, raised pools more than 18” out of grade, hill side pools or pools designed to hold back grade or another structure.

These don’t represent every case but act merely as a more common example of situations where special engineering might be required. It’s important to note that although the city may approve your plan internally, once the city inspector makes their first examination of your home site, they may find additional requirements that will put your pool project on hold until they are met. Special engineering and structural design is one of those cases.

2. A site plan or site map with your proposed pool drawn to scale.

This step will require your design skills or you may enlist the skills of a swimming pool design specialist. If you’re a true do-it-yourself owner builder, then you’ll need to  follow the city or county guidelines that are required for each site plan/map submittal

Need some help here – check out our Arizona Swimming Pool Permit Process guide.  It will walk you through each step of locating the precise information you’ll need to complete your swimming pool site plan.

3. HOA approval letter (if applicable)

Some cities and/or counties have flagged certain neighborhoods with a note requiring an HOA (homeowner association) approval. In some cases HOA approval can take longer than the city or county submittal process. Make sure you don’t delay your project on this requirement.

Here’s a list of city and county links to get your swimming pool permit application and design guidance:

    Maricopa County – Swimming Pool Permit Application and Submittal Guide

City of Casa Grande – Swimming Pool Permit Application

Pinal County – Swimming Pool Permit Application