Pool Inspection Process for Phoenix

Getting Your Pool Permit for Phoenix

In a follow up to the last post about the City of Phoenix pool permits and survey request forms, I received a lot of questions about requesting an online inspection.   In one case, the permit number shown on the receipt was different than the permit number in the city system.

Pool Permit for Phoenix

The City of Phoenix has an extensive online and automated system.  Everything you ever wanted to know about permit services and procedures is there if you can navigate through the linking field.  In an effort to make things a little easier for folks who want to build their own pool in Phoenix, here’s a link to the City of Phoenix online services and information:

City of Phoenix Online Services

To request a swimming pool inspection you must know your permit number and Web Inspection Key number (you can find it on your permit or the permit receipt in the left hand column.  Once you’re in you’ll need your pool inspection codes:

The first half of your pool is considered the “Pre-gunite or Pre-shotcrete” phases.  You’ll use these two codes after the pool excavation, plumbing, steel/rebar and electrical is completed or roughed in:

Code:   671    pre-gunite

Code:  674   pool bonding grid

The second half of your pool construction is the “Pre-plaster” phases.  You’ll call for this inspection after you’ve completed the decking, tile, fencing and interior barriers are in place:

Code:  672     pre-plaster

A couple additional codes that are not typical, but could be applicable include:  a grotto waterfall (670), fence or retaining walls (675) and a separate/ acrylic spa (673).

You can get the entire code listing here:  City of Phoenix Inspection Codes.

Note:  The residential swimming pool codes are on page (2) two, be careful not to grab the commercial swimming pool codes on the first page.

If the system doesn’t recognize your permit number you can look up your permit information by your address or project name.  There’s a link on the City of Phoenix Online Services page for that.

Finally, if you’d rather by pass the whole online services process you can also call the automated telephonic system at 602-495-0800.  You must call between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm in order to make it on for the next day inspection cycle.  But, either way you should now have all you need to know to get your Pool Permit for Phoenix and complete the inspection process.


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