Design Your Own Swimming Pool

Over the next couple weeks I’ll add some thoughts and ideas on what you need to know about designing your own swimming pool. From property restrictions such as:  setbacks, utility easements and drainage requirements to general swimming pool design criteria.

I’ll add some pictures and hopefully some more video as well, to help explain the variety of design elements and styles available.  Nothing is more frustrating than building your own pool and then visiting someone else and seeing a feature that you didn’t know was an option.

If you have some ideas or questions about pool design that I can help you with or would like addressed during the designing your own swimming pool series please let me know.  Just leave me a comment below.  If you read something that you like, please let me know as well.  Go to our Facebook page and add a quick post.

Start the design process now and get your swimming pool construction ready to begin right after the new year and you’ll be swimming before it heats up again.

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