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Get New Pool Equipment and Save Over Retail

Great deals on pool equipment

Wholesale Pool Equipment

What would a swimming pool be without it’s pool equipment?  Your pool equipment is the cardio vascular system for your pool.  It’s what pumps and pulls water through the filter system and returns it cleanly back to your backyard water fun zone.
Without it, well lets’ just say – it’s not a pretty thing.  Can you say mosquitoes and County Health Department notices and fines.

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AZWPC New Pool Designs

As we head into another summer season, I’ve had the opportunity to preview a number of new swimming pool designs.
It looks like the clean, straight line pools are still the design of choice. 

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Concrete Pool Decking Contractors

Concrete pool decking contractors specialize in one thing – swimming pool decks.

While a swimming pool deck might look like just another concrete pour with some cooling, textured surfacing there is a little more to the picture.  If you don’t know what look for you could end up with an expensive add on to hide the all the money you thought you were saving.

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Pool Inspection Process for Phoenix

Getting Your Pool Permit for Phoenix

In a follow up to the last post about the City of Phoenix pool permits and survey request forms, I received a lot of questions about requesting an online inspection.   In one case, the permit number shown on the receipt was different than the permit number in the city system.

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Swimming Pool Permits in Phoenix

If you’re trying to permit a pool in Phoenix you may want to get a survey completed first. Recently one of our owner builders completed all the necessary paperwork for his swimming pool permit in the City of Phoenix and was stopped short of issuance because he lacked a property survey report.

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Your Swimming Pool Layout

Getting your swimming pool layout on the ground sets you up to begin your pool construction process.  If you’re like most owner builders you will have spent the last few days or weeks perfecting your pool design, following up with your subcontractor bids and you’re just waiting for the city to approve your pool permit. Catch the video at the end…

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Pool Excavation – The Costs

Swimming pool excavation is the first phase in the construction of your new pool.  This is the point where your back yard takes on more of the appearance of a destruction zone than a place to host neighborhood parties.  Walls are removed, plants are uprooted and a mechanical, parallel rut is embedded into the side yard of your home.

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Build Your Own Pool Planning Guide

In the next couple days we’ll be releasing our newest guide; The Swimming Pool Planning and Design Guide for owner builders.  The guide is designed to help you understand some of the terms and design basics that every swimming pool plan must have, especially if you plan to build your own pool.

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Design Your Own Swimming Pool

Over the next couple weeks I’ll add some thoughts and ideas on what you need to know about designing your own swimming pool. From property restrictions such as:  setbacks, utility easements and drainage requirements to general swimming pool design criteria.

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Swimming Pool Permits – What You Need to Know

Building a swimming pool can’t start until you have that dreaded pool permit.  Back in 2004 – 2005 pool season the cities were so bogged down that one municipality was nearly three months behind in issuing homeowners new permits.  Don’t even ask what became of those permits that were rejected for some reason.

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