Build Your Own Pool Planning Guide

In the next couple days we’ll be releasing our newest guide; The Swimming Pool Planning and Design Guide for owner builders.  The guide is designed to help you understand some of the terms and design basics that every swimming pool plan must have, especially if you plan to build your own pool.

The guide will distinguish pool features from details and give you a basic understanding what’s involved in local swimming pool permitting process.  But the main objective of the guide is to provide you with a set of criteria that you can use when drafting your own pool plan.

Your pool plan is the document that every subcontractor will use to bid and build your swimming pool.  Your pool plan should  include things such as:  the scale of the plan, your planned access for construction and even the size and placement of your pool equipment.

Remember, the more information you can include on your pool plan the less like you’ll forget something during your pool construction phase.

Even if you decide to have a pool design specialist help you with your pool plan and permit application.  You’ll still find lots of information that will help you understand key terms and details about your pool.  We’ll post a link on the swimming pool design page where you can download our newest guide.

If you get a chance help us out with a comment or refer a friend through our brand new web property. It’s for those of you who want to build your own pool in Phoenix.  We set it up at  If you own a small business or a service related offering you’ll want to take advantage of this new web resource.  It has all kinds of cool features and will help your business get some much needed exposure on the web – give it a try.