About Us

We are a community who has come together to build our own swimming pools.  By sharing contacts, resources and our experiences with each other to make each pool construction project unique and successful for each family.  ArizonaWholesalePoolContractors.com is a resource to provide this community with access to sub-contractors quotes, wholesale pool equipment and construction checklists to ensure every pool phase is complete.

Now, the rest of the story…

It all started about 25 years ago.

A simple service route in a heart of Phoenix, Arizona.  Servicing and maintaining swimming pools for neighbors, friends of the family and anyone I could find to help with their pool.

After a few years, my clients and friends asked me for help building them new swimming pools.  From there began a career of building and servicing swimming pool in Arizona.  A few swimming pool maintenance accounts turned into a full time pool construction company.

Excavation machines, trucks, superintendents and fancy sales offices.  In all, thousands of swimming pool designs and new swimming pools for my clients, family and friends.  In early 2006, by luck or fate, I sold my fancy building and the business with it to pursuit other challenges.

By mid-2007, the entire construction industry in the Valley came to a crash.  Hundreds of swimming pool companies closed their doors, employees were laid off and construction equipment was sold off.

Companies that had been long time fixtures in the Valley’s pool construction industry – gone –overnight. Valley residents were left with half-started pools, left empty by swimming pool companies that took thousands of dollars in down payments and then closed their doors.

Home owners needed more control over the process.  They wanted to control their money, making payment only as each phase of construction is complete.

They want more control over the scheduling of each phase of construction.  Not having to wait by the phone for a scheduling update or waiting and wondering what phase was next.

They wanted the pride and personal satisfaction when asked by their friends and neighbors; “Wow! Who built your pool?”  Replying – “I did it myself.”

All they needed was some helping getting started.  I took my rolodex of contacts and my pool equipment accounts of 25 years and began helping my family, friends and their friends build their own pools.  Walking each one through the process of collecting bids, evaluating the services and helping them with questions about building swimming pools.

The idea of ArizonaWholesalePoolContractors had begun.  By putting all the resources, contacts and information to build your own swimming pool in one place.  Create a community of swimming pool owner builders who could share their collective experiences about building their own swimming pool.

Building a pool is not for everyone.  But for those who wish to take on the challenge and have a can do spirit, building a swimming pool just got easier.  Arizona Wholesale Pool Contractors is a resource, an informational website, but more than that it’s a community where people can finally take control of the process of building their own pool – by working together.


A former professional pool builder and community member.

If you have questions or if you want to share your experience –  feel free to contact us.